The aim of Spree SW is to provide a good mix of fun, excitement and spiritual challenge for every young person that comes along. A huge variety of sporting, creative and adventure activities are provided throughout the weekend to suit all tastes. We also run five high-quality spiritual programmes for different age-groups with sessions at the beginning and end of each day.

Fri June 28th - Sun June 30th 2019 Westpoint Exeter

Activities Planned for 2018 - these are free all weekend for everyone!

Lots of the activities at Spree SW are free, run continuously and young people just turn up and take part when they wish. All are fully supervised and run by qualified/trained staff where appropriate. For 2018 we are planning to include the following...

...craft tent, rodeo bull, treasure hunts, talent show, unihoc, sumo suits, Hanger 51 Laser Quest tent, Silent Disco, inflatable assault course, late-night movies, bouncy boxing, 40' climbing wall, volleyball, video challenge, 5-a-side soccer tournament, slacklining, balloon modelling...and much more!


Optional Bookable Activities - these require booking on the Spree SW Consent Form and some cost extra:

Some activities we offer are more specialised, require a certain level of skill or interest, and can only run with small groups. We have therefore found it best if these 'optional activities' are booked in advance on the Consent Form we provide.

Because Spree SW has grown so large in the past couple of years we can no longer provide sufficient places on these optional activities for every young person. Therefore we are suggesting that for 2018 leaders encourage their young people to choose an optional activity only if they have a genuine interest in taking part and will definitely turn up. On the Parental Consent Form they may put down a 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of optional activity if they wish. These choices are then entered by the main leader into the group's on-line Booking Form so that Spree staff can sort out all the activities before the event. If any optional activities are over-subscribed we will operate a first-come, first-served system - another good reason for groups to book in early!

These three bookable activities require payment in advance and are open to all young people aged 8+ including 15-17s in the Encounter venue:

Kayaking/Canoeing: £14 for a one-hour session on the Shobrooke Park Lake, run and supervised by qualified staff from Heatree Activity Centre. All equipment is provided and we suggest young people wear an old pair of trainers, a t-shirt and swimming costume/track suit bottoms.

Mountain Biking: £9 for a 45-session on site, run and supervised by qualified staff from Heatree Activity Centre. All equipment is provided. Non-baggy clothing is required (e.g. shorts and t-shirt) and trainers MUST be worn (no sandals or flip-flops).

Fencing: £9 for a 45-session on site, run and supervised by qualified staff from Heatree Activity Centre. All equipment is provided. Long sleeves and trainers MUST be worn (no sandals or flip-flops).

   These three activities must be paid for in advance by parents and included in the fees sent when a Group Booking Form is completed. The kayaking/canoeing is dependant on the lake passing a water quality test in June and full refunds will be given if we have to cancel this activity due to the water quality not meeting the required standard.

The following bookable activities are free and are open for all young people aged 8+ except those in the 15-17s in the Encounter venue. All will last about 1 hour:

Drama Workshop:

If you love acting or improvised role play then this workshop is for you! Come along for some really fun acting games and then take part in a short dramatic presentation on stage! Please wear suitable loose clothing and trainers - bare feet not allowed.

Dance Workshop:

Learn how to put together a series of simple dance steps and moves and turn them into an impressive dance routine! Tuition provided by our resident dance expert. Please wear suitable loose clothing and trainers - bare feet not allowed.

Rap Workshop:

Our hugely popular resident rap artist Jozzy will lead this workshop and help everyone to learn one of his infectious raps as well as have a go at writing their own.

Origami Workshop:

New to Spree SW, this workshop will teach you how to make a variety of fun and interesting folded paper objects including some with moving parts! Amaze your friends at the way you can create such intricate and clever designs just from a sheet of A4!

School of Rock:

SECONDARY AGE ONLY. This workshop is run by our resident band who are providing the music and worship in one of our venues. It is open to anyone of secondary age who has reached a reasonable level of musical experience (Grade 3 level or equivalent) and would like to learn from the experts how to put together a piece of rock music using guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals. All equipment provided!

Balloon Modelling:

Learn from the experts how to make a wide range of fun balloon models that you can take home afterwards, from simple animals to more complex designs. All equipment provided!

Soccer Skills:

Our trained soccer coach will teach you some great soccer skills, help you hone them to perfection and give you a chance to try them out in a match! Please wear suitable clothing and trainers - no studs allowed.


You will be taught the skills needed to twist, heat and solder real silver into a ring, and then you can make your own unique piece of jewellery to take home! You will need to be accompanied by a leader from your group to supervise you.


We will show you how to prepare and shape copper into a pendant or key ring fob and then create your own design on it with enamels that are fired in a kiln. You will need to be accompanied by a leader from your group to supervise you.

Canvas Picture making:

If you like art you will love this workshop! Decorate a canvas with lots of coloured, plastic pre-cut shapes to make a very effective picture of your own design. Amazingly stunning pictures can be created this way!

Paracord Craft:

SECONDARY AGE ONLY. Paracord is strong, multi-coloured nylon cord that can be twisted and tied into a variety of very impressive, personalised objects, such as key-rings and bracelets.



Groups coming to Spree SW represent a wide range of churches, with different worship styles, contrasting views on a variety of theological issues and very diverse ways of teaching and discipling children and young people! For us to be able 'hit the mark' in everyone's eyes with our spiritual programme is never going to be easy.

However, over the past seven years we have explored a variety of formats, programmes and ministry teams, and with the help of leaders who have come with their groups and provided us with a lot of really helpful feedback, we believe we are now providing some of the best teaching and worship for 8 - 17s that you will find at any Christian event, anywhere! The spiritual programme is one of the the largest expenditure item in our budget, which shows our commitment to this hugely important part of the weekend.

We provide five teaching 'streams' at Spree SW, and details of each stream are given below. Each stream runs four meetings over the weekend, with each meeting lasting between 60 and 80 minutes. The meetings in each stream happen at the same time and for the 8-11 and 11-15 streams leaders are encouraged to go along with their young people as we would normally expect a young person’s leader to be the one to do any follow up after the meetings if required.

There is an intentional degree of overlap in the age-groups. A mature 11 year old may be better served in one of the the 11-15 venues rather than either of the 8 - 11s streams, for example.

Whilst it is perfectly in order for young people to swap streams part way through the weekend, some continuity may be lost and so we suggest leaders carefully consider which stream may be best for every individual. To help leaders decide between the streams, we host a short 30-minute session for group leaders early on the Friday evening when the leaders of all three streams give an overview of their programmes.

Spree SW spiritual programme

8 - 11s outreach stream


8 - 11s discipleship stream


11 - 15s outreach stream


11- 15s discipleship stream


15 -17 stream

EXPLORE has a NEW team for 2018! In this venue, we will be running the BiG Academy as we look at getting ready and preparing for the adventure of life. We will explore what tools we need to succeed as well as who goes with us on the journey and where Jesus might fit in. We will be playing games, singing songs, hearing some amazing Bible stories and having a whole load of fun together.

The BiG Academy is headed up by Jo and Tom from the national Youth For Christ 7-11s Team.

Young people up to age 11 who have been to this track before and are ready to explore faith a little more deeply can now choose the new DISCOVER venue - see above.

This new venue for 8-11’s is designed to give you an option if your young people in this age-group are wanting a 'next step’ on from EXPLORE.

DISCOVER is an exciting second venue for 8-11s who already follow Jesus and want to go deeper with him in their discipleship journey. Discover will provide space for children to connect deeply with God and receive from him what they need to serve him amongst their families, schools and communities. With a live worship band, creative prayer, fun group challenges and plenty of space for youngsters to share their own experiences and learn from each other, we hope that Discover will be a great place for kids to go deeper in their adventure with Jesus. Children are disciples in training, not disciples in waiting!

The venue will be hosted by Katherine Lyddon (Diocese of Exeter Children’s Ministry Advisor) and her team.

Grace Wheeler (National Evangelist with Youth For Christ) is coming back to help head up our outreach venue for 11 - 15s, and for 2018 she is being joined again by Jozzy, our popular resident rapper, and the group Soulbox from Manchester who were a great hit at Spree SW 2017.

The programme will be very accessible for this age-group and will include lots of music, activities, testimony plus a few surprises...but all within the context of introducing young people to Jesus in a fast, action-packed format with plenty of space for small group discussion and audience participation.

In 2018 our 11-15s 'going deeper' venue will be hosted by Jemma Ponsford (SWYM) and Tim Funnell (Linx Torbay).

Joe Hardy and the ever-popular ‘Create' Band will also be back again to lead worship. Our special guest speakers will include Tim Alford (Limitless) and Phil Knox (Youth For Christ). We are really excited to have such a great line up for this venue again.

Encounter is the new name for our 15-17s venue! Those coming to Encounter will enjoy a full teaching and worship programme geared at older teens who are moving forward in their faith, a workshop programme - see below - and their own café space where they can chill out with friends during the weekend.

The venue hosts will be Anna Clarke (Exeter Network Church), James Grier (Unlimited Church and Soul Exeter) and Jack Saunders (United Generation, Barnstaple).

All the teenagers coming to this venue will be encouraged to connect with our new Workshop Programme - see below - as the topics will be very relevant to them.

Encounter participants can book into the paid optional activities if they wish (kayaking/canoeing, mountain biking and fencing) and can take part in most other activities on-site. There is an expectation that they will serving Spree SW by helping to run sports and crafts for a small amount of time during the weekend.

Workshop Programme for 12 - 17s

In 2018 we will be running a new workshop programme throughout the weekend covering faith and lifestyle topics especially relevant to teenagers. Workshops will be open to anyone but are primarily designed for young people aged 12+. They will take place during the day as an addition to the main programme, and those in the new 15 - 17 Encounter venue will find them especially useful as they will supplement the teaching in their venue.

Prayer Space

  We run a Prayer Tent at Spree SW which is open from first thing in the morning until late at night.

  The Prayer Tent is available for anyone to use during opening times and a member of staff will be present most of the time.

  Various creative prayer ‘stations’ will be set up which young people can interact with (either on their own or with a leader), but leaders and young people are welcome just to use the space for quiet prayer or reflection if they wish at any time.

Spree South West is run by Urban Saints and South West Youth Ministries (SWYM).

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