Here are the four steps that need to be followed in order to bring a group to Spree SW:

4. Collect Consent Forms and fees, complete and submit the on-line Group Booking Form, and send in the fees!


Like many other organisations across the world we use Google Spreadsheets for our on-line booking system. It is free (so we don't have to add anything to your fees to use it) and industry-standard encryption is used for the best data security possible. However, in order for you to access our on-line documents securely you will need a free Google account and the Google Chrome browser software. Many people already have a Google account through YouTube, Gmail or another Google service, and almost half of all computer users now use Chrome as their main web browser. If you don't yet have a Google account or Chrome installed you MUST set these up BEFORE submitting the form below.

To set up a Google account click here and to download Google Chrome please click here.

1. Read the Spree SW DBS Policy below, check whether your team meets the DBS criteria, start any new DBS checks required.

3. Download the 2018 Promo Video, Publicity Flyer and Consent Form from the Downloads page and use in your group.

2. Submit the Group DBS Declaration Form below. You will then be sent a link to your secure on-line Group Booking Form.

Fri June 28th - Sun June 30th 2019 Westpoint Exeter

All data given below will be used to process your Spree SW Booking and will be sent to Spree SW using SSL encryption for your protection. Spree SW complies with the latest Data Protection legislation and all data will be stored and used in accordance with the legislation.

Group DBS Declaration Form

To be completed and submitted ONLY BY THE GROUP'S MAIN LEADER once the group has decided to attend Spree SW 2018.

If your church/group does NOT have an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints then you MUST read and complete the rest of this section.

In order to comply with Urban Saints Safeguarding Policy regarding DBS checks at Spree SW, we have agreed with Urban Saints' insurers that for your church/group to attend Spree SW then you as Main Leader, and your Church Leader or someone else who has the overall authority to take liability for the adults coming with your group (if not you), must agree to the following declaration:

For ALL adults (i.e. anyone aged 18+ at the time of Spree) linked with my church/group and who will be staying overnight on site at Spree SW 2018:

  1. Prior to booking in each adult we will ensure we have seen their original, valid* Enhanced Disclosure for working with children; OR if the adult cannot find their Disclosure Certificate and it was obtained through the Diocese (or equivalent), we will ensure we have written/email confirmation from the Diocese (or equivalent) that the Disclosure exists and is valid*. (*As defined in the DBS Policy at the foot of this page).
  2. We confirm we have no reservations or concerns regarding them working with young people.
  3. We confirm we are taking liability for them attending Spree SW. (Your liability is twofold: (a) You personally vouch for the adults that you are bringing to Spree, i.e. you know their identities to be as they say and have no concerns about them working with children; (b) If there are any safeguarding incidents within your group during Spree SW, the primary responsibility for investigating/reporting/dealing with this will be yours. If the incident involves another group, the Spree team will then take on this role.)

Submitting Form...

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Please enter the name by which Urban Saints refers to your church/group:

Please enter the name of your church or group and the name of your town:

Thank you - the Form has been received by Spree SW

We also require agreement to the declaration above from the Church Leader or another person with overall authority to take liability for the adults coming with your group (e.g. a Trustee).

If you are NOT the Church Leader or person with overall authority to take liability for the adults in your group, please give us the details of this person below (after first checking they are happy for you to do so) and then proceed to the Verification section below:

When the relevant sections above has been filled in please click the 'I'm not a robot' box on the right (which filters out automated spam software) then click the 'Submit Form' button. After a few seconds if you don't see a green "Thank you...the Form has been received by Spree SW' message then one or more boxes above is incomplete (and will be highlighted in red).

Once this DBS Declaration Form has been processed by Spree SW, and the Church Leader/other person has agreed to the Declaration above (if applicable), then the Main Leader will be sent an email with the web-link to the Group's Booking Form.

As an Energize Plus subscriber, Urban Saints will be checking the DBS status of adults coming with your group and so the rest of this form does NOT apply.

You may now go straight to the Verification section below and submit the form.

Spree SW DBS Policy

All those who will be aged 18 or over at Spree SW and who stay overnight at the Spree SW site must have a valid Enhanced DBS/CRB Disclosure. Validity is defined as follows:

(a)  The DBS/CRB Certificate MUST have been issued on or after July 7th 2013, i.e. it will under 5 years old at the start of Spree SW.

(b)  The Disclosure MUST be 'clear' (ie 'NONE RECORDED' appears in all the record checks boxes on Page 1 of the DBS/CRB certificate). If the disclosure is not 'clear' then the Urban Saints Safeguarding Officer must be 'phoned on 01582 589850 in order to discuss whether the issues recorded will prevent that person from attending.

(c)  The Disclosure must be for working with children; (i.e. in the 'Position applied for' section at the top right, the word 'child', 'children' or 'youth' MUST appear in the description. Disclosures for working with vulnerable adults are not valid for work with children.)

(d)  If your church/group has an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints then for insurance reasons only DBS Disclosures obtained through Urban Saints are valid for your team. All adults booked into Spree SW from Energize Plus groups will be checked by Urban Saints and if new DBS Disclosures are required the process will be started immediately by them and the Main Leader will be notified of this.

(e)  If your church/group does NOT have an Energize Plus subscription with Urban Saints, then Enhanced DBS Disclosures obtained from any third party are valid for adults coming with the group as long as the criteria in points (a), (b) and (c) above are met. The church/group is responsible for obtaining any DBS Disclosures required where the criteria for validity are not currently met.

The onus is on Main Leaders of groups coming to Spree SW to check that all adults staying overnight with their group comply with the criteria above. Liability for doing the necessary checks outlined above rests with the church/group and not with Urban Saints or SWYM.

Spree South West is run by Urban Saints and South West Youth Ministries (SWYM).

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